Lowest Operating Cost Among the top 250 IT/ITes delivery locations
20-30% Savings Offer Over India and Philippines
100% Tax Exemption On Corporate Tax until 2024
10% Cashback 10% cashback on export-oriented revenue
Low Cost in 28 Hi-Tech Parks Low cost space in Hi-Tech Parks and Technology Parks
2 Submarine Cable Connections Stable IT Infrastructure with 1.7 Gbps Capacity & 12 ITC connections adding nearly 400 Gbps
Low Cost Salary & Benefits Bangladesh offers the lowest entry-level salaries across delivery locations
Managerial Level Local Talent Adding to cost < arbitrage – L3 & L4 salaries are about 20-30% lower than delivery locations
Lowest Labor Cost Due to lowest wage inflation (6.3%) compared to India (9.5%), Vietnam (7.3%), Philippines (6.5%)
Lower Rentals Lower than Indian principle. Of one dollar real estate < cost’- 1/3rd of Bangalore rentals
Competitive Infra Costs Bangladesh T-2 Most Competitive in Infra Costs. Subsidized HTP rentals augmenting cost advantage < Rentals at approx. 15 cents per sq.ft per month

Significant Cost Arbitrage

Historically Bangladesh has been widely regarded as one of the lowest cost locations for apparel manufacturing (2nd in global market share after China), the country now boasts tech-savvy, skilled resources at a significant cost arbitrage to most IT / ITeS destinations.
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Moreover, with the introduction of the “Digital Bangladesh” initiative and the Government’s heavy involvement in augmenting the ease of doing business, the country only aspires to further capitalize on its key value propositions and building Bangladesh as the tech-epicenter of the world.

Fast-scaling Infrastructure

The Government of Bangladesh has been actively involved in building its infrastructure and shifting Bangladesh from a skill-based economy to a knowledge-based economy. As a result, the government, along with private partnerships, has collaboratively worked on building an ecosystem around the country’s tech-space.